Soccer Player and Runner

Emily Fishman collided with Nichole who ran a full marathon held in October and the running streak has not stopped for five years. Coincidentally she is a soccer player as well.

Fishman was the person behind the start up of soccer leagues and her endurance has been phenomenal so far. Though age constraints practise of sportsman but she continued with running including half marathon and full marathon.

Sandi Gault who is also a runner runs around the track for almost every day in the week, when she’s not running her succesful yacht charter in the Solent company. She started to run last year with a programme designed for her likes. She was motivated after her visit to a doctor. On hearing that she had diabetes made her lose control and when she was told be under medication she suggested running for herself. She has lost quite a few pounds and is seen in many marathons.

Mental Health

Nichole and other runners are in a drive to compete against the opponents of the NBC. Chance to fly to New York awaits those who will be the anchor team. There are 15 other teams and partners in collaboration as well. The show is telecasted on television and is constructive for athletes as well as sportsman who want to revive back their career unflinchingly. It is all the more positive for women who take up the endeavour in promoting various cultures and a healthy start to life.

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