Tyson Gay vs Asafa Powell – 100m Grand Prix Stockholm 31/07/09

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  1. thatshizzle says:

    @GluteusKingMaximus I’m referring to the time of the Bolt Era . every since Bolt ran 9.76 at the jamaican invitational only Powell has beaten , no one one else . The last time Tyson beat BOLT was when Wallace Spearman useto beat him also . after that year none but Powell has beaten. and Powell barely did it.

  2. GluteusKingMaximus says:

    @thatshizzle Gay has beaten bolt back in 2007 on the 200m WC and asafa did it in 2008 in Brussel 100m.
    This year is gonna be different. I think Asafa powell is gonna be for the first time mentally prepared

  3. kenshitheone says:

    @clashtj not best. just fastest for now.

  4. thatshizzle says:

    @lennard bullshit asafa has beaten Gay many times. and he’s the only one to have ever beaten Bolt. Tyson will never beat Bolt. Never , Ever Mate i can guarantee it . unless he’s injured or something.

  5. clashtj says:

    Personally i don’t it matters if your short or tall…
    advantages for short people, they get to move their feet quicker than tall persons making them move faster..
    for tall ppl on the other hand. they only have long strides which i think isn’t gd enoguh!…
    so as far as concern short ppl have a more advantage.. but hey..
    Usaine Bolt is the best runner out there!! accept it..!

  6. CescFabregas404 says:

    all of youz stop comin up wit height advantage
    if u see a tall guy like crouch or bendtner or anybody else
    u dnt seee tthem movin like bolt

  7. torrepr says:

    Athletes while higher, slower is its start, Usain Bolt just goes well, not even in Berlin he had an excellent start, he was slower than Tyson and Powell.
    The segments that are more Bolt dominates is the second and third stages of the race(especially the segment of the drive), he has done since none of them has managed to do, Powell is the one who comes close to that pace. That’s why he has made records that have in Berlin.

  8. torrepr says:

    why Asafa Powell (6’3 “) that has much more experience than Bolt, who is an exceptional athlete, not just any athlete can not take advantage of his ” great “stature” in the same way that Bolt does it???? if barely Bolt is exceeded by only two inches !!!

  9. smsprints3 says:

    Height isn’t really an advantage or disadvantage. Taller people can usually maintain their speed much easier and tend to put much more force straight down on the track, which propels them forward.

    Bolt is one of the best starters in the world, which for someone that is 6’5″ IS uncommon. Take it from someone who is 6’4″ and sprints.. getting out of the blocks even with the field is NOT easy when you’re tall, but this guy makes it look like it is.

  10. Mastertime00 says:

    No he would not still win, because his turnover speed isn’t asfast as Gay’s. Usain utilises his leg length by taking fewer steps. No other 6’5″ guy has been able to acheive this. He is a freak and long may he continue.

  11. linkgj says:

    how many 6′ 5″ guys u know that can run as well as bolt? Height like that is known to be a disadvantage in sprints for more than 1 reason. It’s not all about height, but technique, mentality and strength as well. If bolt was 5′ 11″ and had better technique than powell and gay, he would still win.

  12. phastman99 says:

    Just accept the fact that Bolt’s an amazing athlete, no one needs to hear your stupid ass exuses

  13. Mastertime00 says:

    Everyone knows Bolts height is a great part of his avantage. If he was 5 ft 11in like Tyson, he’d be a different runner. Both Powell and Gay would beat him. He’s a giant, and nothing will change that.

  14. sexykblackwood says:

    tyson gay is the best at awaht he does..just as his name say,,gay..he is best being gay….he sucks

  15. phastman99 says:

    You serious Bolt doesn’t have a better start than Gay, and I think Bolt would still be faster at Gay’s height.

  16. yogurt705 says:

    Bolt is tall and has a better start than Tyson.
    But i honestly believe that if bolt was Tyson’s height, Bolt would lose.

  17. torasclaat says:

    I imagine that u do know that the person who crosses the finish line first is the fastest right? Such a concept is not too hard for your comprehension right?

  18. bahiss17 says:

    nah probably not ay. and if u r telling me bolt wud b faster if he was same height as tyson ur living in ur own fantasy world. and yeh michael frater is shorter and u can like him for that reason if u want y not then eh? i support frater so im not bothered

  19. torasclaat says:

    Advantage bcuz of his height?! most ppl that tall cannot run. So you dont care for reality bcuz you support tyson. I cud easily say I support michael frater of jamaica as he is much shorter than the other athletes and does well. Best top end speed? It is clear by expert analysis and layperson that bolt has the best top end speed. Was this the first race you watched? STOP living in fantasy, I bet Tyson Gay is the Olympic champion in ur mind too, huh?

  20. bahiss17 says:

    not slow movement but slower than tyson gays only reason he is faster is cuz hes got loooooong legs

  21. bahiss17 says:

    i get what your saying lol no im not pstriotic or idiotic im just a huge fan of tyson and not a fan of bolt as i hate how he has an advantage over the rest of the field cuz of his height and the fact he takes lesser strides than the rest of the runners newaes im not taking anything away from bolt hes the fastest in the world but id rather watch tyson gay and u cnt make me change my mind on that cuz tyson has the best top end speed and faster turnover speed so fuck it say what u want

  22. ZAVEN380 says:

    you are an idiot.wat the hell you mean he too big hight as nothing to do with anything he is gonna beat gay and thats it…

  23. Asmodai2011 says:

    bahiss17 you are either really patriotic or really idiotic, I would say its a combination of the 2 combined. Bolt has extremely fast cadence for a man his height and length and has excellent form as well. Gay does have more turn over speed but its not who can move their legs the fastest, its who can get from point “A” to point “B” the fastest. Plus Bolt spends more time in the air with less amount of strides.

  24. TheOlimpionico says:


  25. ratwits says:

    now that comment was just dumbass. Bolt’s slow movement only broke him 2 world records at the 2 fastest track events…