Asafa Powell – New Men’s 100m World Record 9.74 secs

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  1. phaethon1988 says:

    Look up Armin hary of Germany, allan wells of Scotland, and Pietro Minnea. Also, look up Kostas Kenteris. these were great 100m and 200m runners. Some of them might not be gold medal winners, but they competed on the same levels as black male sprinters

  2. phaethon1988 says:

    LOL where did you read this nonsense?

  3. AandJness says:

    its true, they have more muscle fibers and thier fast twich fibers react and contract much faster

  4. Lashie123 says:

    he has insane gas.

  5. Bak3dB3an says:

    wHOA wHOA wHAO, WHEN DID THIS WHOLE N word thing start to happen, these are exceptionaly fast human beings who are RACING…

    Lets not categorise, stereotype or judge.


  6. nippy2 says:

    why does he have to be a nigga? to which high school to you give credit for your education

  7. pacus123 says:

    That was about as perfect a race as anyone could have ever run. It is simply timed to perfection.

  8. pacus123 says:

    Again, why do you have to be racist. We’re all different. Don’t see a lot of chinese or indians sprinting, so why does it have to be a black/white thing?

  9. pacus123 says:

    Why are being racist man. There is no need to use the N word.

  10. ryannd8 says:

    isnt it because black people are born with a special fast twitch fibre or gene or something? Thats what i have heard, not sure if it is true though…

  11. MetriK2oo7 says:

    all black lol where was the last white sprinter that got the gold in 100m sprint butwere good at swimming

  12. Bak3dB3an says:

    Yeah, very true what you’re saying he was surprised in that race because he ran it like his heat races, just jogging to the finish line instead of maintaining that pace. Tyson was just very hungry for the title on the night.

  13. Wookie325 says:

    Asafa definitely has his reaction time to the gun and his driving out of the blocks, down perfectly. It’s just one thing that he needs that I think will make him live up to his consistency in all of his races, and that’s training with somebody who is as fast as he is.
    He’s been dominating all of last year. Nobody really challenging him. Then when somebody is on his heels like the hungry underdog Tyson Gay was, Asafa wasn’t ready for that, and he faltered big time.

  14. Dark3Light4ning9 says:

    i agree with facup06

  15. andysmith89 says:

    unbelievable no1 wil beat his tyms

  16. 4monkiman4 says:

    yeah he seems to get ‘tight’ when the pressure is on, if he improves his final third sprinting, he will be unbeatable. This was at a low pressure race, in the heats so yeah.

  17. facup06 says:

    he will do sub 9.70 his start is amazin but i doubt his abillity to win medals at a major stage

  18. ganzoed says:

    wow great sprinter