Asafa Powell and Jamaican sprint team win 4×100 then sign and pose for media at Penn Relays

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  1. southbeachlondn says:

    wow you had a great view

  2. sroy24742 says:

    My idol milkha sing then bold

  3. 3097thunder says:

    @tafarimekenen he retired after the 2000 olympics not cause of drugs but
    because u wanted end his career on top. And he did. So don’t say michael
    johnson was drugged cause he was not.

  4. Edward Johnson says:

    @Antrizzle2009 well from someone that runs track.. the 800 is considered a
    paced sprint.. the hurdles are sprints with barriers

  5. Phreaqxto Kalifah says:


  6. Antrizzle2009 says:

    @Antrizzle2009 However I will correct myself and say they are the kings of
    short sprints to be more specific.

  7. tafarimekenen says:

    lol, its funny when americans dominate all is fine but when another country
    especially Jamaica does the americans always want to find fault. We
    Dominate penn Relays and Junior championships, why then its not expected
    that we do the same at a higher level. Or maybe Americans just find it
    surprizing that we can run fast naturally without fancy jim equipments and
    the taking of drugs as they do

  8. Edward Johnson says:

    @Antrizzle2009 when you say sprints you have to include the 400, 800, 110
    hurdles and 400 hurdles.. sorry but the Jamaicas are only good in the men’s
    100 and 200.. and the 400 is up and down.. the women are good in the 100,
    200, 400 and the hurdles..i give them that

  9. tafarimekenen says:

    Which american track star from the 80s and 90s that dominated the track can
    honestly say they never took any enhancing drug, they where the reason why
    testing was being done in the first place, it was only sad that ben johnson
    got caught up in the mix, after him the americans started loosing a few
    races and when testing was to be dont they were always some excuses by them

  10. sesshomarudrc says:

    @southbeachlondn lol

  11. Antrizzle2009 says:

    @datleoishot84 The 800 and the hurdles are not sprints. The 800 is
    considered middle distance and the hurdles are their own category

  12. Edward Johnson says:

    @Antrizzle2009 that wasn’t the us A squad sir

  13. Antrizzle2009 says:

    And that was just their B squad!

  14. Antrizzle2009 says:

    @datleoishot84 Well coming from someone who also runs track, the 800 is
    considered middle distance. I don’t where you’re from that they call it a
    “paced sprint” but it officially falls under the middle distance category.
    According to the IAAF, in an official T&F meet, the sprints are the
    100,200, 400, the middle distance races are the 800, 1500, and 3000 and the
    long distance races are the 5000, 10000 and marathon.

  15. Antrizzle2009 says:

    @datleoishot84 Either way, Jamaica is the new sprint kings. And I’m an
    American saying that.

  16. tafarimekenen says:

    all this time when merlene ottey was running her heart out marian jones was
    on drugs, bolt blew his competition away and the americans wept and cried
    foul cause this shouldnt be possible yet when carl lewis, and justin gatlin
    was spicing up with drugs and winning no one was saying how comes, not to
    mention michael johnson who retired when the world cried foul and drug
    testing was amped up, all of a sudden he didnt want to run anymore

  17. zepedroandrade2 says:

    why isn’t there usain bolt ?

  18. tafarimekenen says:

    For those American Sceptics especially about Bolt, check his records< running fast didnt start at beijing for him, it didnt start at carifta, or world junior championships, check his high school records, he's just a gift that comes once every ten years, in all sport wether it be track and field, football, basketball, swimming, you name it, there is always gonna be this one person abouve the rest

  19. Brian Estremos says:

    Still no match for Usain Bolt.