Running In The Hills Is New Trend

Running in hills has come up as a new hobby for many who want to explore the new terrains of the high altitude areas by running. When in college Arvind Kumar started running, it was something to get his mind off something that upset him, but over the years Kumar developed a special fetish for this sport. Now, Kumar has improved a lot in this game and this year, along with two others, Kumar will take part in the Comrades Marathon from Chennai. This marathon is one of the biggest events and oldest marathon race that take place every year in South Africa.

According to Amit Sheth, the ambassador for the marathon event in South Africa, Kumar is the youngest participant. “Arvind is just 27 and he will run for about 90-km in this marathon event,” said Sheth while breaking this news in a recent media conference. More than 60 persons from across the country have registered for this running event in South Africa. Sheth has also said that Arvind has been taking intense training before the marathon and every week he has been running more than 80 to 100 km.  ‘I run everywhere in the city. I stay at T Nagar, but I often run to Besant Nagar and other places in Chennai. For me, running is a challenge and sometimes I also run to the hills in the Nilgiri. It is fun. I am really looking forward to the marathon event in South Africa,” said the 27 year old runner when asked about his love for this sport.

‘Running in the hills is tiring. But it makes you tough. There are different types of run. City run, running by the ocean, trail run etc. All have their different impacts on your body,” added Kumar, who has also trained himself with hill ultra runs this year.