A 5k Race Affair

The Jamesport Fire Department conducted a 5K run last Sunday which could literally be joined by people of any age group. This comes as first – hand experience from columnist Eileen Benthal who just turned 50.

Finishing a 5K run is an achievement in itself and for someone at the age of 50 deserves kudos. “I feel I have accomplished a great feat, I had taken part in the Jamesport FD 5K and I finished it. It does not necessarily mean that I ‘ran’. I had to complete the race which I did. I, however, did not stop and kept moving the entire time. I had exhausted myself and towards the end I had to walk the last few hundred feet and after that I started running again to go and finish the running race,” Benthal was quoted as saying.

Running, like Yachting, is one of those exercises that not only maintain good gait and muscle flexibility, it is also instrumental in maintaining the overall health. Training regime definitely varies for the different age groups. The younger generation is kept under a more rigorous training schedule however, for the elder group trainings need to be carefully monitored. They are more susceptible to injuries and they heal slowly. Too much stain on the shin muscles might lead to their tear making it impossible for the affected person to barely stand up. The presence and consultation of a physiotherapist is mandatory at this stage.

Running does not require any great deal of preparations, just the will power and some time from one’s busy schedule. Running is best when done in the morning and the elders are taking it up as part of their morning ritual; running while praying with the rosary in hand. Running with proper posture is necessary, one should know to practice self-control and not let the body be all over the place.