Interview with Jamaican track star Asafa Powell

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  1. cesarcroc says:

    0:50 -man next to asafa loooooooll

  2. Crispiashemmrsha says:

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  3. phastman1994 says:

    @fightjunge24 I agree that Powell has the best form, he’s also one of the most relaxed. And true, Lewis’ form was efficient (like MJ’s) and he did have great form but IMO the small habits like looking around is all part of good form too. Looking around will help you push yourself but it’ll also take away from your focus and relaxation which I can only see effecting your time in a negative way. Not a big deal but still.

  4. fightjunge24 says:

    @phastman1994 to u that has a good start but bad end speed. best example is the 1996 olympic final

  5. fightjunge24 says:

    @phastman1994 well he didnt use a real drive phase but when it got to top speed scientist found out that the running style of carl lewis was most efficient. he learned that by longjumping. but i actuylly think that powell has a better form than greene has altogh both are pretty similar but powells got the better one. and looking around doesnt really make u faster but it can be a advantage if u are a sprinter like bolt gay bailey or lewis with high top end speed and u have someone in the lane

  6. phastman1994 says:

    @fightjunge24 Ya but I think looking around will only effect your time in a bad way. And personally I wouldn’t say he had the best form either, compared to Powell or Greene.

  7. fightjunge24 says:

    @phastman1994 well that was only in the 88 olympic final. and looking to your nearest competator can make u faster so its not really bad. he did run his own race but he used his competators to push himself

  8. phastman1994 says:

    @fightjunge24 Yeah he was a little tense, but Gatlin’s form was still really good. Idk about Lewis though, he had a bad habit of looking to his nearest competitor instead of focusing on his own race

  9. fightjunge24 says:

    @phastman1994 yea gatlins form needs to much energy

  10. fightjunge24 says:

    @phastman1994 and carl lewis

  11. phastman1994 says:

    @evoke9 Powell’s form is much better than Gatlin’s, Powell and Greene have the best form imo.

  12. evoke9 says:

    @BobbySteels7 Correction Justin Gatlin has the best form in history despite the allegations agaist him! U don’t believe me? Watch his races

  13. BobbySteels7 says:

    asafa has the best form known to man

  14. cristi7108 says:

    usain bolt is a faker hes a wana be he trys to sound like hes not fm jamaica

  15. tietajajoshua says:

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  16. merseyside4 says:

    Spot on, To be fair, i dont think anybody can match Powell for his technique and rythm.

  17. lennard says:

    respect to asafa

  18. NoviceAlchemist says:

    I love Asafa Powell. I absolutely love him. He is soo sweet.

  19. Jamaicanchocolate34 says:

    can i tell you…

  20. utubalicious2 says:

    He has more of a Jamaican accent than Bolt

  21. khussett says:

    this video is a hater magnet

  22. Megablaze9292 says:

    I agree with Asafa, the mental ability that people have can win it. Ann he doesn’t get cocky when he wins.

  23. theginzamo says:

    He has a beastly stride. Even though Bolt’s is longer, Asafa’s looks so much more pro

  24. GyariSan says:

    Actually in the past American have always seeked talents from Jamaica and sponsored them to race for the US team.

  25. estucheflamenco says:

    please the americans are always saying that they are the best but how many tragydies how many fucked up people are in the us it isnt the sports it is the people who live in there nation that makes what it is