Usain Bolt Asafa Powell 100m Golden League Brussels 2008

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  1. CurlJerry65 says:

    0:11 ladies and playboys????

  2. fightjunge24 says:

    @sabribna what u tell there is pretty dumb. they all take undetectable stuff

  3. phastman1994 says:

    @fightjunge24 Yes, I know him. Doesn’t mean much to me tbh, I want proof..

  4. fightjunge24 says:

    @phastman1994 but do u know angel heredia? if u look at some interviews of him ull know that 90% of all athletes re on drugs

  5. phastman1994 says:

    @fightjunge24 Like I said, he didn’t rake 100m seriously till 2008. Look at his history in 200m, 20.58 at 15, 20.13 (world youth record) at 16, 19.93 (youngest person to go sub 20) at 17/18, 19.88 at 19.. So wheres ur fuckin proof? You got none bitch!

  6. fightjunge24 says:

    @phastman1994 lol bolt improved 0.3 secs in 4 moths thats pretty hard. and there are informations that jamaican sprinters staret to dope in the same time. pretty obvious

  7. AznB0Y23 says:

    @PalkiaLova112 actually no he wasn’t because the 13 year old record for the 100m is 10.92. Stop making up facts.

  8. myHQmusic says:

    Lol 1-4 th place JAMAICA 😀

  9. phastman1994 says:

    @fightjunge24 Yeah ur right about that, but he didn’t actually start taking it more seriously till 2008. You have no proof it was “out of drugs”, he was still young and should have been improving like he did. It’s not like he was a consistent 10s sprinter then all of a sudden ran 9.76, no he ran 9.76 when he was still an amateur in the event. Watch Yohan Blake improve lots within a couple years, will you accuse him too? Dumb ass.

  10. jlo1520 says:

    In soviet russia, shoe run you!

  11. fightjunge24 says:

    @phastman1994 loool bolt did run 100m meter before 2008 he just didnt do it in less than 10 secs. he already did a professional race in 2005 or 2006 but his 1. run under 10 was the 9.76. and that was out of drugs because he did get his time down from november 2007 to august 2008 by more than 0,4 secs

  12. phastman1994 says:

    @PalkiaLova112 No he didn’t, Bolt never did 100m until 2008 so what are you talkin about? Bolt ran 20.58 in 200m at 15.

  13. Mandinko23 says:

    the way the report pronouce frater is soooooooooooo funny “fraterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” he put so much emphasis on the rr its hilarious.

  14. jpwpara says:

    ladies and playboys, wut?..

  15. PalkiaLova112 says:

    @workingorder when usain bolt was 13 he was running 100m in 10.4

  16. KiDPwNzZ says:

    i wish i was jamacan

  17. workingorder says:

    @bradydoughtygmail when Micheal Frater was 13 he was running the 100m in 11 flat and boys champs in jamaica

  18. belingafred says:

    a tall guy with the mechanics of a short runner. that’s one of a kind it happens every 200 years

  19. rcaddict72 says:

    @sabribna great post. bolt and asafa exhibit none of the traits other busted drug users have in the past, and if they dont get busted, then we have to assume clean. theres so much to lose these days…the risk hardly outweighs the benefits.

  20. zach3658 says:

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  21. 100mlfcguy says:

    He stumbled out of the blocks and had a -1.3 wind and still gets 9.77 … wtf

  22. koreansx says:

    …he stumbled out of the blocks and still gets a 9.77. wtf

  23. MarxMuru says:

    be normal now.onother teen punk insulting others.

  24. IrEpH2k9 says:


  25. jfhghghgh75655 says:

    you fucking retard !!! did i say poweellll beat him more than twice??? you fucking muggy little nerdy cunt!!!! bolts whole career hes only won 29 races and lost 39 to the likes of gatlin gay powell spearmon you fucking idiot bolt didnt just come out of no where??? hes been around since 2002 DUM CUNT!!! KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT 😀