Asafa Powell 9.77 different angles 2005

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  1. ohene10 says:

    Shot out to Aziz…

  2. garthwalters says:

    this song is perfect for this video

  3. PILIF1983 says:

    on the electronic board it says 9.78 but in the title and description is 9.77

  4. MrBigSmoothie says:

    where can i buy the apparel they are wearing?

  5. 1Wylde says:

    @torrepr oh so what your saying is that top speed is more of a born thing you are born with?
    i have a better top speed than most on the soccer/football field whcih i am very greatful off.

  6. torrepr says:

    @404Orion yes, but he knows that now he can not afford it cuz there are sprinters who are faster than him… i know that Powell hasnot shown his all potential yet but also Tyson…

  7. 404Orion says:

    @torrepr The 2005 Asafa is diffrent from the 2010 Asafa , Asafa developed the BAD habit of slowing down before the tape/line , my guess is beacuse from the ’05-’07 season he was so used to winning & by such huge margins he got complacent …. We can say Tyson Gay lived up to his true potential (some even say exceeded) but we can’t say the same about Asafa

  8. torrepr says:

    @bossofalltime His top-end is tremendous but not so compared with Tyson or Bolt who were able to exceed 44 KPH unlike Powell…
    Tyson ran at a maximum rate of speed of 0.81.5 secs/10m at Berlin…

  9. bossofalltime says:

    @torrepr Powell reached 0.83 10m split from 50-80m in his 9.74 before he eased off, and 50-70m in his 9.72, there is nothing wrong with his top end speed WHEN he’s relaxed, when he’s pressued his top end suffers most as we’ve seen in Osaka and Beijing

  10. torrepr says:

    @1Wylde because he is an athlete who can not develop it… the top-end is an attribute mostly given by nature.

  11. 1Wylde says:

    @torrepr and why is it that powell does not have a higher top speed??

  12. blazinspeed23 says:

    @agenthelios he not even blazin fast he just just has such a amzing start and perfect form tyson gay kinda runs wild but look at how quick his legs are moving

  13. pim1337 says:

    Worldchamp or not. Asafa is a King!

  14. emanuelis8 says:

    was that a bird flying past at 2:01 behind them lol!!

  15. torrepr says:

    @htownhomie06 But in 2009 Powell did not look too bad with his 9.84 in Berlin…
    anyway, as I told another user, a minute ago, Powell has a great technique for acceleration and excellent speed-maintenance, but he lacks top-speed, unlike Tyson or Bolt. Therefore we can not theorize that Powell should be better if at any moment he could not break the speed-limit of 44 kph (which Tyson and Bolt has already done).

  16. torrepr says:

    @Dingo2009 Powell has an excellent technique for the acceleration and for the maintenance. The difference is that Tyson Gay( by example) reaches a higher top-speed, unlike Powell.

  17. xXxmidgexXx says:

    what if humans were more aerodynamic xD

  18. agenthelios says:

    They need to test that motherfucker for Cheetah blood…fuckin fast!

  19. Dingo2009 says:

    Agreed, smartest thing I’ve heard about Asafa in a while. I believe he has/had the best technique to be on top…doesn’t look like he can stand pressure though.

  20. NathanAFolefac says:

    2nd place was 9.81

  21. htownhomie06 says:

    between 2004 olys, 2005 wcs & 2007 wcs, powell should have a 100 gold by now. i still believe he’s got hte physical gifts 2 beat bolt but he’s clearly got the more fragile mental approach/psyche when it comes 2 big competition.

  22. flamdros says:

    actually Asafa’s flying 100m was 8.70 dats is why he has de unofficial 100m relay leg WR beatin Bullet Bob Hayes’ 8.74 record . And Asafa ran 8.84 in osaka

  23. kenshitheone says:

    8.70 really. he has the fastest.

  24. tietajajoshua says:

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  25. yiuchi9346 says:

    I like the music and powell like king