Asafa Powell, 100m, 9.72, +2.1 wind, 2010 Diamond League Oslo

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  1. fightjunge24 says:

    @rcaddict72 why was that his 5th best performance?

  2. fightjunge24 says:

    @rcaddict72 lol what are u talking tere? ben johnson as 80 kg asafa is 88 and christie was 92 and bolt is 86 or 88.

  3. topdogcoolcat says:

    Why don’t Asafa Powell end the season? It’s annoying watching him withdraw from every competition. Especially for those who look foward to see him. Atleast let your fans know your status. All they hear is: “Asafa Powell withdraw”. If you are trying to avoid further injury then end the season. This whole thing is not being handled well.

  4. salif25ify says:

    these gay ass jamaican are on some serious drugs

  5. MrAnimeFreak777 says:

    @jonolollmao fat can also be stored in ur muscle. Which is why other people’s muscles are harder than others

  6. jaesarangg says:

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  7. byrobyro says:

    Meh. With that sort of wind Insane Usaine would go 9.4 without breaking a sweat.

  8. jayhypebell says:

    i love this video go asafa please can everybody please check out my channel and tell me what u think please it will be really appreciate subscribe and comment if u like pleaseeeeeeeee

  9. rcaddict72 says:

    @SIMOPARAS ..whatever mate. in Seoul he was reported to have bench pressed 400lb at a bodyweight of 74kg. this was at his peak. it was well known he was 72-74kg at his most muscular and lean. even looking at the pics and videos of him now shows a guy who is nowhere near as muscular as Asafa and Chambers, Green, Christie in his prime and others. You bet that money mate and ill be happy to take it. you are a fool and can argue all you want- all you have is lame speculation and ridiculous claims.

  10. SIMOPARAS says:

    @rcaddict72 Well ,im 100m runner myself and usually databases uses old information or what there has been one time told. Because so many athletes has tell their height and weight at age 17 , beginning career like myself and they dont change those information unless athlete want to change it. Its not healty believe every basis ,if you got eyes on your head. I can bet alot of money than my information is more near,if now their weights would be measured. Exept Ben johnson,he could be over 100kg..

  11. mrpage22 says:

    this is still a good start for asafa..

  12. rcaddict72 says:

    @SIMOPARAS ..his book, iaaf website, articles at the time of seoul, other databases.
    Ben WAS 72-74kg at his peak. its a FACT. i note that your info has no basis.

  13. SIMOPARAS says:

    @rcaddict72 Ben was definetely not 72-74 … He was180 tall and around 85kg and very lean ofcourse. Bolt is 88kg , where u get these crappy information ??

  14. MrKarlozz says:

    @rcaddict72 Usain Bolt weighs 86 kg. If he weighed 76 kg he would look more skinny lol

  15. jonolollmao says:

    @rcaddict72 i know, he didnt even look like he had 5kg to lose to begin with lol theyre like all muscle and no fat

  16. MrNaldogray says:

    Great start, drive phase, knees high, and the seperation through top end speed!

  17. ANZO89 says:

    i think his time has been corrected to 9.71.

  18. rcaddict72 says:

    i couldnt believe it when i heard that asafa was 90kg..and last year was 95kg!
    ben johnson was 72-74kg, linford christie was 84kg… usain bolt is apparently 76kg (i think that HAS to be an old listing)…

  19. rcaddict72 says:

    @jonolollmao .. no thanks.. i know the site. the creator is a friend of mine. essentially 1m/s wind is 0.05s. so with rounding this conversion is 9.83.

  20. Ras09true says:

    Asafa seems to be in good form, but the question is will he be that relaxed when Bolt and Gay are in the race. By the way i haven’t heard from this hater Toprre who was saying last season that Asafa could not break 9. 80s again, because he was injured last season.

  21. montestewar says:

    He had the wind at his back…and no world record! (+2.1 wind)

  22. jonolollmao says:

    @kenshitheone i watched it on BBC red button

  23. jonolollmao says:

    @rcaddict72 on this wind/altitude calculator i used online, it said powells time with 0 wind would be 9.82 lol i can give send u the link if u want

  24. rcaddict72 says:

    @jonolollmao they only get DQ’d if it impeded another or is an obvious advantage.- in official meets. But for record runs- around bends, any crossing over into an inner lane negates any claim. outside lanes are only negated if they impede another runner.

  25. rcaddict72 says:

    wow asafa looks good for early season. this is equivalent to about 2/100ths slower than his 9.83 into a 0.5m wind 2 weeks ago. ..which was his 5th best performance ever.