Tyson Gay Vs Asafa Powell

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  1. Rogelangaz07CRonaldo says:

    Haha people compare tyson gay to asafa powell because theres no point in comparing them to usain bolt haha

  2. RINGMASTER1118 says:

    Who’s behind him at 2:26

  3. RINGMASTER1118 says:

    Tyson Gay will beat Bolt and has beat Bolt. He’s gonna’ be the world’s fastest man. The only person faster than Tyson Gay is Sonic the Hedgehog

  4. 1337inzock says:

    I have always said Bolt was gonna be the best since I saw him back in 2007

  5. MalanDrec says:

    what is the name of this music?

  6. MalanDrec says:

    what s the name of this music?

  7. MalanDrec says:

    what s the name of this music?

  8. MadSkeelz16 says:

    @MadSkeelz16 oh ok my mistake, I think in that period between Gatlin and Bolt’s dominance, Powell did have the upper hand against Gay, but recently he can’t compete. too bad for gay that by the time he got out of Powell’s shadow, Bolt came along.

  9. dirtytennisball says:

    @MadSkeelz16 well ur wrong it was made in march bolt didnt get the world record until May

  10. MadSkeelz16 says:

    @puljacina whoah, relax with the “moron” comments, I don’t even know who you are and you hate me already? …. that must be a new record.

  11. puljacina says:

    @MadSkeelz16 he isnt a champ yet?? so his osaka titles mean nothing right,moron

  12. phastman1994 says:

    @MadSkeelz16 Agreed!

  13. MadSkeelz16 says:

    @puljacina such as …

  14. MadSkeelz16 says:

    @puljacina but Tyson isn’t a champion yet !!

  15. MadSkeelz16 says:

    @phastman1994 yeah Powell’s mentality is pretty irregular, you never watch Usain Bolt and wonder if he has the right mentality to win, you just know that his confidence is so high that he will never tense up or be scared someone will catch him. But one thing we do know is that no one can beat Asafa Powell to 20 metres, NO ONE. so if he can gain some confidence then is start may be enough to make him believe in his ability to get on the podium.

  16. phastman1994 says:

    @MadSkeelz16 I agree, Nesta Carter’s also a possible medalist in the future or even in Daegu next year. As long as Bolt and Gay are healthy they’re without doubt the gold and silver favorites, but with Powell, we know he has the potential but will he be strong enough mentally to run his own race like he did in Berlin? Hope so..

  17. MadSkeelz16 says:

    @phastman1994 I think that until Yohan Blake starts to improve, Bolt, Powell and Gay will always be the podium favourites, favourites don’t always win of course but you have to consider how fast Asafa Powell is actually capable of running when you predict these things.

  18. MadSkeelz16 says:

    @jeffsro not being rude but that other guy is right, Bolt had the 9.72 world record before this video was made, nice video by the way !!

  19. phastman1994 says:

    @puljacina I agree that it won’t be easy for Powell to make the podium next year, it’ll probably take an even stronger performance than his 9.84 in Berlin last year. Daegu 2011 will probably be the fastest 100m final ever, so there’s definitely no room for tightening up! I really hope he does make the podium though.

  20. puljacina says:

    @phastman1994 i think he would heave choked too in helsinki against gatlin if he hadnt been injured before the WC’s.it will be hard for him to make the podium next year but not impossible.guys like carter,blake,dix,ryan bailey and others will be much hungrier than asafa IMO.and thank god daegu has now a brand new mondotrack too,the old one wasnt really fast.we will see some crazy times there next year

  21. phastman1994 says:

    @puljacina I know what ur sayin, it’s too bad too cause Powell had great potential to be a world or Olympic champion (maybe in 04 and definitely in 07) but just couldn’t/can’t stand the pressure. Do you think he’ll at least make the podium in Daegu next year with Carter, Blake, and healthy Dix added to the competition?

  22. phastman1994 says:

    @deepbg1 dumb ass

  23. puljacina says:

    @keonist tyson already is a champion(osaka) asafa never was and never will be a champ,even without bolt or gay in daegu or london asafa would get destroyed by the upcoming younger sprinters

  24. keonist says:

    @puljacina then it’s safe to say tyson will never be the Champion Bolt is!!!!!!!!!!

  25. TheAthletic91 says:

    Choong Family – Adrenalin´╗┐