Usain Bolt Beats Asafa Powell in 2008 Jamaica Nationals

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  1. JACOB2767 says:

    is that why usain new record is 9.58???

  2. blkhauck says:

    When asafa ran his 9.72 he slowed down at then end so he could have had the world record for the 100.

  3. jfhghghgh75655 says:

    u idiot asafa oviously is the second fastest man! hes the only guy who can beat bolt an has asafa will break 9.69 and get 9.62 or 9.61 bolt is a freek and hopfully can only get 9.69 in this race asafa lifted his head to l8 look at 0.23 he should of done it earlier!

  4. madgreen21 says:

    Asafa just ran the second fastest time 9.72 in LAUSANNE, Switzerland

  5. ninetailsbrat says:

    more than half of the jamaica ppl forparents descended from africa

  6. sandarge says:

    How about Jamica and Ethiopia? why do they like each other cause I remember a big Ethiopian crwod was cheering Asafa Powel in Sweden and He went and cheered them back, can someone expalain to me what is between Jamicans and Ethiopians??

  7. caledfwlch says:

    Speak in context, you prick. Other races had thousands of years of evolution. Alot of slaves were taken to a port in Ghana, and then shipped off to work the plantations in Jamaica. Which works out to be 3-5 generations ago.

  8. kukurukuru21 says:

    But the whole humanity more or less descended from africans, u dumb shit

  9. caledfwlch says:

    But the jamaicans more or less descended from africans, u dumb shit

  10. dvg1234567 says:

    hey fucking idiots jamaica and africa are two different places dumb shits

  11. kevinjmoore says:

    They may be capable, but the cultural reality is they don’t as a whole.

  12. 157kog says:

    however inspiring your little comment about African people rising up.The fact of the matter is very few blacks have risen up and will most likely stay that way with so much corruption in the continent of Africa that it will take the end of the world for them to ever rise up.

  13. zinkerled says:

    The African people need to rise up and kick out their US and European supported leaders – the ones selling their nations’ wealth and keeping it all for themselves. It’s been scientifically proven that black people are equally as capable as white people, it’s just a fucked up situation in Africa right now. You might be amazed at how quickly things can change – Africa just needs to build some positive momentum and things could take off in a hurry.

  14. MySwagSoOfficial says:

    dats y we r dealing with the chinese ya feel ma if we give them resources and they fund us we can slowly catch up to the rest of the world this is gonna take us 200+yrs. Africa has alot of catch up, but the west keeps pulling us down.

  15. zinkerled says:

    Ok, I was just clowning. I’m white and I agree with you completely that Africa has been fucked over for its resources. It’s still happening today in places like Nigeria, which should be rich with all its oil, but the West is basically stealing it.

  16. MySwagSoOfficial says:

    when i ment i perfered someone i ment i perfered him to win over the other contestants u dum fuck i ain’t no homo son I was raised by a men.

  17. MySwagSoOfficial says:

    distorted. The british empire is trying to control africas populaton through starving africans, and diseases. If we africans get on our feet we will side with china, and russia. Our resources will not go to the empires of europe.

  18. MySwagSoOfficial says:

    zinkerled i don’t know why your on my nuts but please get off.U wanna know why my people in africa r hungry, and they can’t get food. It’s not because they don’t know how to produce food, it’s because the british empire restricts us from giving food to our own people through some bllshit propeganda. The british empire does not want africa to get on it’s fit and become a 1st world country, tey want to take resources and keep the people illeterate. This is a new age, an age where information is

  19. MrMackeyMmmkay says:

    Good Lord man what the hell is your problem? Could you be a bigger jerk?

  20. zinkerled says:

    Just so everyone knows, MySwagSoOfficial is a confirmed homosexual.

  21. callerphone1 says:

    8:::::::::::D Congrats!!!!

  22. MySwagSoOfficial says:

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  23. bluedot06 says:

    all you racist fags just hating because you know blacks are always the fastest and best athletes in the world……BITCHES

  24. zimbabweAPE says:

    Answer me this – Why is it that when you look at africa you only see pain and death.. In order for one to find a well fed nigger with a smile upon its face you have to look into a white nation?

    THE MORE WE FEED THE MORE THEY BREED..End the handouts and let the black sludge starve… 🙂

  25. zinkerled says:

    You’re a Gay fan I take it?