2006 Asafa Powell in Jamaica

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  1. picnite says:

    I was wondering about that. I wonder if they shud have a longer time btween semis and final..
    like the next day like they do the 200m

  2. JamTrackStar788 says:

    that was a 9.84

  3. theredferal says:

    i don’t think Powell is a choker. I think his problem is that he gets fatigued in Olympic and WC finals, which are always held 2 hours after the semi-final and a day after 2 rounds..

  4. KakaCracker says:

    Powell is a choker. Record says so.

  5. Gervais900 says:

    Yes you are making assumptions. I am Jamaican and I am proud of being Jamaican. Are you saying that every single Jamaican runner has no heart. I think he has motivition and want to win a championship. I wish the best for him at china and I hope he wins gold. We should make a bet. I think he will get gold.

  6. mtee111 says:

    Thats the whole problem with asafa…he never seems to put in 100% in his best runs. and when the pressure is on like in osaka and athens, he can’t put a complete race together!

    the jamaican leroy burell!

  7. Dark3Light4ning9 says:

    positive 30 jst shut de fuck up man, u talk so much u got yo tongue in a twist, tyson has beaten him ONCE so far powelll bea him 6, gay may have won da world championships but powell is da world record holder..

  8. Ravinho says:

    hey that dude down there positive 30, u need to watch wat u say about jamaicans because u might get your head chop off execution style.. and FCUK Tyson Gay.. Anybody who has gay in there name should be dead and bury just like what is gonna happen to positve 30 and tyson gay … F@GGOTS!!!

  9. sameoldme123 says:

    Asafa Powell has had the world record like 2 or 3 times tyson gay hasn’t had it once (unless u count the unofficial record) which asafa powell beat after anyway

  10. Gervais900 says:

    Don’t hate on Asafa Powell he has the world record and Tyson gay doesn’t. If you see when Asafa Powell run you can see he doesnt try at the end.

  11. simplyjrod says:

    if you want to get the vitamins and minerals asafa powell takes…its called Double X….contact me

  12. positive30 says:

    The best come on Asafa Powell is not he best …matter of fact he is the best @ cracking under pressure just like all the jamaicans i know all have no heart just don dada talk i say he gets silver or bronze in china ..And thats if he is at his best we all know his track record hmmmm how many world championships …Hehehehe go tyson Gay walk him down again …choke artist easy easy asafa watch out tyson is coming LOL

  13. sts17 says:


  14. fastestrunners says:


  15. bobr95 says:

    won from the start

  16. Aceman196 says:

    my people really are the best

  17. CaptainOmar says:

    where do you get these videos from?

  18. IceGURLNettz says:

    Nice race!

  19. BonafideChild says:

    Hell Yeah, Just another Asafa Powell clip for my collection. I need some Terrence Tremell clips now. Got any?