Ostrava GOLDEN SPIKE 2010 – 100m Men – Asafa Powell won in 9.83 sec MR!

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  1. CawChampionshipWE says:

    best form ever

  2. UsainBolt43 says:

    @liljay93 And you have the right to say that why? Has walter Dix ever held the world record for the 100 m? Oh yeah he hasnt.

  3. UsainBolt43 says:

    Asafa had a disgustingly good start.

  4. 187prettyboy says:

    @iiamins Sprinters are born, sure they have to train to maximise it. But there are just some people who will train all their life and will never EVER run 10 seconds. Its in your genes, you are either born a sprinter, or you are not. The training is important and forms part of it, by most part of it is in your genes, thats what i mean by natural.

  5. iiamins says:

    @187prettyboy its not raw. he has worked for that pace and power his entire life. sprinting of that magnitude is not possible with raw talent. NO ONE and i mean NO ONE has made times like asafa with pure raw talent.

  6. 187prettyboy says:

    Imagine if Asafa Powell played rugby or NFL when he was younger. He is 6’3 and packed with muscles. Whether he has the ball skills, probably not, but what raw pace and power.

  7. speedFIYAH says:

    @liljay93 if he is trash, what are you dickhead? he has an olympic gold medal, and 4 world championship medals. Walter dix only has 2medals. Powell has roasted him everytime bar 1 race. did he choke in berlin last year…no, he was injured and did he best he could for bronze. asshole. he was the only man to beat usain bolt over 100m before this year. dont talk when you have no idea what your saying.

  8. liljay93 says:

    Maannnn Asafa Powell is SOOOO TRASSHHHH!!!! Okay he’ll run a good time at a Little League Meet! but he Chokes at EVERYYY big time meet he goes 2!!! He’s terrible under pressure!! If he wants to be put in the same conversation as Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay he’s going to have to prove that he deserves it in a high profile meet!! There’s younger up and coming guys like Walter Dix who produce when the spot lights on them and thats why they are talked about like they are!!

  9. fightjunge24 says:

    @19batista96 lol no never jogging u bob

  10. 19batista96 says:

    asafa jogging at 0:18 – 0:22

  11. fightjunge24 says:

    @sokha326 wtf no lewis francis! u just cant see him because he is already out

  12. sokha326 says:

    Isn’t that Tyrone not Mark LF!?

  13. fightjunge24 says:

    @djscottrichardson never

  14. speedyslime93 says:

    @fightjunge24 ok, my bad.

  15. fightjunge24 says:

    @speedyslime93 😀 what are u talking there pls? that text was for lane 1! and look there is no athlete in it because mlf had false start and this year u get dq after the first false start so it was actually right what he wrote there

  16. djscottrichardson says:

    This has to be one of the nicest looking runs I have ever seen from Powell. Shame he had a wet track and a slight headwind. Had the conditions favoured him, he could have pushed into the 9.60’s with this!

  17. speedFIYAH says:

    he is a MACHINE. read any sprinting textbook and his technique will better it. 2010 was his to own, pity about the injury, really hope the his next winter is injury free.

  18. TheBlamus says:

    His start is amazing!!

  19. topdogcoolcat says:

    Why don’t Asafa Powell end the season? It’s annoying watching him withdraw from every competition. Especially for those who look foward to see him. Atleast let your fans know your status. All they hear is: “Asafa Powell withdraw”. If you are trying to avoid further injury then end the season. This whole thing is not being handled well.

  20. Reformed2005 says:

    @speedyslime93 Don’t forget his 9.74WR, but yeah I agree that those are his best performances.
    Not sure, I think that is Gays last race of the season although he’s obviously itching to set a new PR so hopefully he adds another meet if he doesn’t PR there

  21. speedyslime93 says:

    swedenCZ, take down, remove the Mark Lewis Francis text at 0:14 because
    1) It is not Mark Lewis Francis, it is Tyrone Edgar
    2) Tyrone Edgar always has fast reaction times
    3) If it was a false start they would be stopped immediately as the electronic blocks would pick it up.

  22. speedyslime93 says:

    @Reformed2005 Powell = 50m King when he’s on his game (I’m thinking his 9.72, 9.83 in rain and headwind in Brussels v Bolt, Beijing 4×1 anchor and this very video in ostrava)
    Shame he’s not got the immense speed endurance of Bolt or Gay who are able to put distance between themselves and Powell in the last 30.
    Do you know if Gay is running at all after Zagreb on Wednesday? I hope he is, he’s in his best shape yet. (obvs Bolt and Powell have finished their seasons)

  23. Reformed2005 says:

    @speedyslime93 Indeed, as you say technically brilliant.
    Bolt and Gay may be better competitors and have faster times but Powells 100m technique is unmatched IMO.
    If only he had Bolts mental game to go with it.

  24. speedyslime93 says:

    @Reformed2005 totally agree. This race is the perfect display of technique by asafa. The way he comes up so slowly out of the drive phase is magnificent to watch.

  25. jonolollmao says:

    they should do the 40 yard split not 100 yard split. ore people would be interested lol