Usain Bolt vs Asafa Powell 100m Van Damme Brussels 2008

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  1. speedyslime93 says:

    For some reason, it says on the video at 0:15 that the wind reading was -0.9m/s – this is a mistake. According to, it was actually -1.3m/s

  2. sekolahserisuria says:

    usain lightning bolt….

  3. AandJness says:

    all evidence does Not point towards your statement.

  4. madmax797 says:

    there are some exceptions.. cant remember the name of the guy- morrocco guy 5000m race – arab guy- was a legend..

  5. ivo9 says:

    Bolt he is a legend

  6. jackniggz says:

    That’s EXACTLY what it is. All evidence points towards it. If someone can prove otherwise,do us all a favour, we all want to know.

  7. Tecroduction says:

    Your point is that all runners either long distance or short distance must be black in order to be a good athlete.

  8. kokumaru says:

    this race sows just how close this rivarly truly is-this is what the olympic final should have looked like…..

  9. m83gun says:

    but still…ASAFA POWELL is the best…

  10. banketshow says:

    not since the olympics. im guessing ur a powell fan. usain has still got more in the tank. he pulls up like 10 to 20 meters b4 the end. he will run like a 9.50 by then end of his career

  11. m83gun says:

    i just can’t believe that bolt just defeated powell,powell is the fastest man in the world…

  12. banketshow says:

    where have u been the last year or so?

  13. SamirIslam95 says:

    when was this

  14. mohawk393939 says:

    Am….no not every human being can run the 100m in under 10secs – certain people have slow twitching muscle fibres such as many Kenyans and Ethiopians making them great long distance athletes and other nations are known for producing athletes with fast twitching muscle fibres such as Jamaica Bahamas and the US which make them great sprinters. I can’t imagine Pygmies being able to break 12 seconds for the 100m let alone 10…need I go on?

  15. gunny69er says:

    yeah he not just boasting about himself – he’s making a name for his country

  16. TAJY26 says:

    The man is a monster, no less

  17. m83gun says:

    what?! Bolt defeated Powell

  18. ccchase says:

    lmao! no “personal boasting”???? the reason i love usain bolt is because of his antics and self promotion. He wants to make a name for HIMSELF and his country

  19. 1meGigo says:

    No dope mate. Bolt is not an American/East German/Eastern bloc sprinter.

    He is simply the best and most gifted sprinter in history.
    He was also the best ever junior and ran 10.3 at age 15 in the 100 and 20.58 in the 200.

    He also equalled/broke the world junior record 3 times.

  20. Chillahhh says:

    he is truly doped

  21. ellissmith23 says:

    it’s just not right how he runs so fast at that height. he is truly talented.

  22. brandoncharmaine says:

    its the effort put in to training as well..everyohuman being can run 100m with the same timing with bolt,gayn powell..but no human being can run in less than 9 secs..if there is thts wut u called a miracle body…

  23. chewytoys says:

    Sorry, “Miracle Body”

  24. chewytoys says:

    Watched a great show on Discovery Channel Canada last night. Miracle Bodies: World’s Fastest Runners. It was shot last year and focused on Asafa, since it was before Bolt hit the 100m scene. They did all MRIs and a load of other tests to determine what created his speed as opposed to other sprinters, including Gay. If you can find it on TV in your area, watch it. Pretty interesting stuff. The findings for Powell can be assumed to be true in Bolt as well, except for Asafa’s initial start.

  25. ruudlilme says:

    lol asafa powell should start playing soccer..hes got perfect forward build…an hes quick…