slomo version of asafa powell zurich world record

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  1. MrBusunglueck says:

    @olympicrodriguez jamaicans are east africans

  2. fightjunge24 says:

    @julius0928 lol it maybe had benn a 9.76

  3. olympicrodriguez says:

    @andergra000 my point related to the comments made before mine… 2 years ago

  4. andergra000 says:

    @Nyame30 hahahaha, NOT

  5. andergra000 says:

    @olympicrodriguez and your point is? We know Jamaicans are faster. It’s quite obvious

  6. hxnncht says:

    gay is always there but never first. i kinda feel sorry for him

  7. ncatus2 says:

    you’re a fucktard

  8. fahadminhas says:

    u dum fuk being world fastest man is being like the most popular man nob shit in 6.5 bilion people no one can run faster then usain bolt imagine that pride nob head its not about money its about talent the most talent is apreciated is SPEED and POWER how fast ur and how strong ur

  9. Victornascimento18 says:

    essa nem o Tyson Gay venceria o Powell
    o cara estava voando neste ano.

  10. aszxdfcvghbnjk says:

    no ur dumb

  11. TehJack0 says:

    One of the best ever F1 Drivers in the world is Louis Hamilton (not sure on spelling) and he is black. You are just a racist fucker.

  12. slipknot2148 says:

    that is true one day he is gunna do that and get beatin because of it i am a runner and you dont always know were every one is in the field the person on the other side might be running a really good race and beat him they should never risk an olympics like he did and plus the olympics is a sprint and flog every 1 not slow down what would u rather to look good in the race or put the record out of reach?

  13. Rawk4Life says:

    I watched the video again of the one I mentioned, he was in a quarterfinal heat, so he was saving his energy. Usain is a hot head when it comes to winning sprints.

  14. slipknot2148 says:

    yes that might be your opinion but you see slowing down just is what you feel you wanna do see the biggest show off is usain not powell u rarely see powell slow down in the final.

  15. Rawk4Life says:

    That might be true, but was it necessary for Asafa to rub in his speed by jogging the last quarter of one of the 100 meter races he did a few years ago? That seems like self pride getting in the way.

  16. slipknot2148 says:

    they train harder it looks like and not being racist not that it is anywhere close but just putting it out there but yer umm black people have the jeans of running fast!

  17. slipknot2148 says:

    arhem running isnt free to get to state it cost my mum like 60 buks to get there an back in petrol entry fee and food u also have to pay for spikes skins witch are recomended and also the fee fto go to every meet if you make it nationall at a young age or even have to go to another state like me you have to pay for that and it isnt payed for you.

  18. aszxdfcvghbnjk says:

    black people are only good at cheap sports you know. like how many professional race car drivars do u know that are black , or how many pro snowboarders, or how many pro snowmobilers well let me answer it for your none. its all cheap ones that cost like 50 bucks to join like boxing (glooves) are wut 30 bucks, Basketabll there like ( 10 bucks) nd they lucked out when they found running that shits freeeee

  19. stanleyharvey88 says:

    get a directionary

  20. S1m9i9l4ey says:

    because we jamicans work for it unlike the Americanz. Dont hate!

  21. S1m9i9l4ey says:

    thats fake and thats a rumor and thats stupid. just cause little island jamaica got talent yall wanna jus bring ppl down but i guess itz obvious that we jus got talent

  22. Rawk4Life says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else find it ironic how each Gold Medal Winner from Jamaica in the sprints so far have won by a fairly large margin? A Jamiacan just won the Womens’ 200m Dash final, and she had more than double the muscle strength of her competitiors.

  23. Dingo2009 says:

    Nah, they really aren’t. They usually can’t detect the new compounds being created. But they do catch up pretty quickly 😀

  24. maxymyllyon says:

    woooooow……. i guess being the best in the school and being the best in the WORLD are comparable.

    thanks dude!

  25. neilhaskellroxs says:

    im not american and i dont take drugs but i am a sprinter and im tha fastest in my skool so i should no that u dont need drugs 2 be good at running. i hav also met asafa and he doesnt seem like that type 2 take drugs