Charity running

Running for charity purpose is not new at all. In f act, it has become very popular as this is a great way to to get fit and also feel good. Fitness is good for heart – both figuratively and literally. Nonprofit organizations utilize a whole lot of new events to raise awareness and money.

Earlier, it used to be luncheons and fashion shows or galas; but, now it has become charity runs and walks that has motivated people. Now, donors are also lining up for an avent taking place in each weekend across Southern California, mainly as the days get hot.

New York’s Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council’s president David Hessekiel told that the idea of people working up a sweat for a good cause they believe in has been around for forty years. However, the new thing is there are more do-your-own events with the advent of inexpensive online methods to publicize them and to fund them.

Mr David Hessekiel added that charity events incline to be more spring- and fall-related here where he live. But in Southern California, this could be year round. What they were seeing now is a huge interest in fun runs as well – like obstacle course runs or color runs. People tends to get involved in athletic events for different reasons and he believe that this could be a case of icing on the cake if a charity benefits.

Sportspersons taking part in Cayman Marathon

Local sports fraternity members generally tackle Cayman Marathon. Some tennis players and an amateur golfer/softball player would make one of the teams for the race on Sunday. Sean Landreth, who fancies his swing, played a huge role in making a 4 person relay with tennis players Mike Bonikowski, Dale Avery and Adam Bayley. Sean told that his Milo Misfits happened naturally.

Sean told that Rob Seward is his tennis coach and Adam and Dale are both all around sports people.  They pass each other running South Sound on a regular basis. They talk about their running as well as sports injuries frequently. He decided because of his ongoing shin splints he would do the relay, Bayley’s team dropped out and Avery is running the half so he would do the 1st leg for them and continue on to complete the half.

He added that his beloved has sponsored Milo Kids Fun Run through Jacques Scott for the last 4 years and they thought that it would be fun to put a team into the relay race. In the past, they competed on a team together for the Jacques Scott and t he team ended 3rd in the contest. That was huge accomplishment for them.

The Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon race this weekend, arranged by Kelly Holding, collects funds for Cayman Islands Cadet Corps as well as the Cancer Society and several other organizations. There would be more than hundred full marathon runners.