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Early Morning Pace At Canberra

A number of people of Canberra took part in the early morning marathon and running festival by the Canberra Times. There were different categories such as the half-marathon and ultra-marathon for different people. There were people who wanted to just come for a casual jog with friends while there were some with a more competitive […]

Fitness Programs In Spring

A series of three races got concluded on the 11th of April which took place at the Indiana campus of Southern University. The title of the race is spring for 10K Fitness. On the day of the race registration was on for 25$. The Subaru of Romania Eagles held up the series. The registration from […]

Soccer Player and Runner

Emily Fishman collided with Nichole who ran a full marathon held in October and the running streak has not stopped for five years. Coincidentally she is a soccer player as well. Fishman was the person behind the start up of soccer leagues and her endurance has been phenomenal so far. Though age constraints practise of […]

Sportspersons taking part in Cayman Marathon

Local sports fraternity members generally tackle Cayman Marathon. Some tennis players and an amateur golfer/softball player would make one of the teams for the race on Sunday. Sean Landreth, who fancies his swing, played a huge role in making a 4 person relay with tennis players Mike Bonikowski, Dale Avery and Adam Bayley. Sean told […]