Asafa Powell sees World Record in 2010

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  1. AGGREYASHA says:

    @ANZO89 you are so right..i think this years its gonna be bolt and asafa 1…2 he already ran 9.75 for his first international asafa is the man this year even if he comes in second.

  2. Bullnda225 says:

    it’ll just be nice if Asafa could actually perform well in an Olympic year and take an individual gold even if that means Gay losing. Asafa may go down as the greatest sprinter to never take a gold if he doesn’t get over that hump in 2012. (Go U.S.A)

  3. ed192 says:

    Asafa is in my opinion the fastest man alive. Look at his runs in the olympic and world championship relays. He is so relaxed and just blows everyone away. Look at how much he pulls away from richard thompson in the 2009 relay an yet thompson came second an beat him in the olympic 100m. Also when you see how much asafa pulls away from thompson in the 2009 relay you must remeber that asafa would have pulled away more if it was a stationary start because asafa is the best starter in the world

  4. ThomasRiekki says:

    I think this could be Asafa’s best season in years. Just look at how good 2006 was for him. He loves the no pressure circuit races and he runs so well on them!

  5. jivetome says:

    haha asafa is fucking drained after that 400.

  6. ANZO89 says:

    @speedyslime93 also remeber asafa did in 2008 his PB (9.72) with a +0.2 tail wind, so, if at that moment a +2.0 tailwind would have “occurred” his PB would have been 9.63. thats why i consider he is VERY capable not only lowering 9.7 but going sub 9.6.

  7. ANZO89 says:

    @speedyslime93 well taking into account that asafa since 2004 has been making every year a PB with exception of last year(cause he was injured) , last year he should have made 9.6 something. well, this year he should be able to do a 9.5 something.
    also the peak in an athlete┬┤s carreer is between 26 and 29 y/o and in my opinion the peak is at 28, well asafa is now 27 y/o. thats why i think he might be able to make a 9.5 this year and keep on progresing next year.

  8. speedyslime93 says:

    @ANZO89 i doubt powell will jump from a 9.72 pb at his very best, to 9.5 something, especially seeing as he would need perfect race conditions to do so: a 1.something m/s tailwind and no competition. Oh yeah, he’ll no doubt run sub -10 on more than one occasion, he has done every season since 2004, off the top of my head. He might even run a 9.7 something. Just not in the 9.5s.

  9. ANZO89 says:

    @bigpaulothe1st i think asafa WAS able to go sub 9.7 BUT that was last season or the other but this year i think he is capable of going sub 9.6.

  10. bigpaulothe1st says:

    if asafa gets his head right i think he can go 9.6 something . when he is relaxed he is majestic.however bolt’s massive stride is just too good.

  11. TYPHOONATHLETE96 says:

    I sure hope he is right