Asafa Powell Rieti 2008 Grand Prix 9.77s 100m Semi Final

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    @MarxMuru well man, it was what maurice greene explained in one of his videos and he is probably the greatest 100m performer ever

  2. MarxMuru says:

    actually you are wrong.
    the key is to use use maximum power but less energy.the more you waste your energy the faster you get tired.
    if look how pickering run you will see he is arms are moving too fast compared to legs.that means wasting too much energy.
    too run 10.10-10.25 its not necessary to move arms and legs that fast.


    nope, he must use his arms that way. Maurice Greene once explained that you must use your arms thinking that they are hammers and you are using them to hammer something. The more energy you put in your hands, the better your run will be, but of course, that is in the 100m only, if you do that in a 400m, you”re screwed.

  4. MarxMuru says:

    Pickering ran pretty well there.
    i still think hes wasting too much energy with hes arms.
    the work should be done with more with legs instead arms.
    he will run in 10.05-10.10 this sure about it 🙂

  5. PickeringFanSite says:

    How is finishing 2nd getting owned loser? I guess everyone in the race got owned. It’s called Flinstones Vitamins. Lol.

  6. learntoplayy says:

    haha pickering got OWNED!