Asafa Powell Slow Motion Sprint / 100 mètres ralenti

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  1. coondous says:

    @TheSpeedyDude I don’t dispute that and my first comment was notto be taken literally. By saying ‘arms at 90 degrees’ you merely provide guidance on arm position, as opposed to flapping them around like Woody from Toy story. However, arms should not stray too far from 90 degrees like Powell’s in the video, if you notice his arms (upper) doesn’t complete a full stroke because of straying too far from 90. Keeping arms exatly at 90 is impossible. I’m sure he would run better in a race though

  2. TheSpeedyDude says:

    @coondous Have not studied sports at any university level, I have however spent over 10 yrs studying sprinting specifically, and from this know a few things more than you… For example.. the body is not a machine, therefore perfect angles do not work, the arms are thrown down, extending the forearm to gain more power from the triceps as the entire arm bounces back up. Falling beneath 90 degrees on the front stage of arm drive allows for a rotational force to increase also 🙂

  3. coondous says:

    @TheSpeedyDude I’m guessing you’re quite a young lad aren’t you who has studied sports at GCSE level or college and is faster than average. Therefore you believe you know everything about everything and if no-one agrees with you then they are wrong. Met a lot like you before, one day you’ll realise that you ain’t that fast and you don’t know much, if you don’t realise it then you’ve lived a misleaded life.

  4. TheSpeedyDude says:

    @coondous Silly statement, I know a lot more about sprinting than you ever will. Powell does have a few issues with his running technique, but it is not arm angles…

  5. coondous says:

    @TheSpeedyDude Why challenge on something you know little about?

  6. TheSpeedyDude says:

    @coondous your a douche, watch Gay and Bolt, do their arms stay at 90 degrees??

  7. Dune571 says:

    @hayleyandco This isn’t competition – why waste your legs? Do you even run track?

    You do A LOT of starts in trainers, especially off-season and beginning of season. Spikes are very hard on your body (mainly calves). You can’t just wear ’em all day. This is some stupid promo thing I’m assuming Powell agreed to do for whatever show this was for – he has more important things to wear spikes for.

  8. coondous says:

    @yomamallama1022 maybe if he got his arms right he would be the 2nd fastest in the world, duh! You cannot deny my advice

  9. yomamallama1022 says:

    @coondous hes the 3rd fastest runner in the world, i dont think he needs advice from you

  10. coondous says:

    Arms powell arms, keep them at 90 degrees

  11. Telnet92 says:

    Putain c’est impressionant…

  12. MegaNinja16 says:

    he looks like a cheetah in his starting position

  13. RToor34 says:

    1. Usain Bolt
    2. Usain Bolt
    3. Usain Bolt
    4. Tyson Gay
    5. Asafa Powell

  14. Mattu190 says:

    @mrcadafi1 Usain is faster cause hes a freak. Powell is the 3rd fastest sprinter at the moment.


    @hayleyandco this is asafa powell, he could run in bunny slippers if he wanted. how they hell you gone tell a world class sprinter what to wear

  16. peniogochev says:

    @hayleyandco he could sprint bare feet and you will still finish 1 hour after him

  17. hayleyandco says:

    he is wearing trainers!!!

    i am sorry, but how can you do a proper sprint start in TRAINERS!!

    get some spikes on man!

  18. DeathBringerI says:

    @ItZjaza005 Doubt it.

  19. leddivog says:

    @ltZjaza005 nobody gives a fuck.

  20. alastairjohnjack says:

    wow this is slow

  21. TheLane9999 says:

    @JessAtlas this song made by hiroyuki sawano (澤野 弘之). he is japanese.sorry i dont know song title.

  22. SteveAkaDarktimes says:

    he’s practically flying!

  23. ItZjaza005 says:

    Oh boy if i had that start i would be running against them… im 17 yrs old and run 100m in 10.53sec my best time.. so far

  24. mrcadafi1 says:


  25. darkelivrio says:

    holy shit, really can see his hips working. this is inspiring