Brazil’s Fredison Costa dominates 2nd straight Disney Marathon

Fredison Costa is literally making himself at home at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The runner from Brazil runner, who moved to Orlando recently, ran away with yet another Walt Disney World Marathon win earlier on Sunday. On a lovely morning at Epcot in Costa left people behind in waltzing to his 2nd straight win at the Disney Marathon as well as 4th in the last 5 years.

He guided yet another parade of runners from Brazil who were among the 1st four runners to touch the end line.

Trindade Mateus was 2nd; Joao Fonseca took the 3rd spot and perennial Disney Marathon winner Adriano Bastos ended 4th. It was eleventh straight year that a man from Brazil won 26.2-mile race across all 4 Disney theme parks, Walt Disney World Speedway as well as ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

To deal with Brazilian domination at the Disney resort, Brazil’s Giovanna Martins was the female winner, ending in 2:50:20. Giovanna Martins cried tears of joy as he crossed the finish line. According to reports, Martins told that she is a teacher of underprivileged and disabled children in Brazil – kids who dream about characters like Mickey Mouse and love him as much as she does. Therefore, it was a dream come true.

Giovanna was never challenged down the stretch. In fact, neither Costa was, who won by over 4 minutes. That is enough time to ride the Space Mountain before Trindade crossed the finish line. With a timing of 2:18:06, he topped his winning time quite easily from previous year’s timing of 2:21:39.