Asafa Powell 100M world record 9.74 Rieti

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  1. MrBusunglueck says:

    @jfhghghgh75655 10.8 ms? or seconds? bugatti does 100m in 3 seconds

  2. MrBusunglueck says:

    @nathanbmxking but how u get creadibility on a testing system that has so many flows in it?

  3. fightjunge24 says:

    @RBGdUP thats just bullshit u also have hormones in ur body so u couldnt be alive any more

  4. fightjunge24 says:

    @RBGdUP lol and what about all the jamaican cheats?

  5. kahirij says:

    LOL… Yep, it’ll never happen never ever ever… oops, scratch that

  6. donperry1 says:

    i guess u feel dumb now

  7. Newtonianator says:

    he definatly does, thats why he’s not bothered replying back, lol

  8. CamButler says:

    I bet you feel pretty foolish right about now

  9. jfhghghgh75655 says:

    WRONG no man can run sub 9.6 tht running 10.5ms scientifically and mentally no man can do tht bugatti veyron gets 10.8ms in 100m

  10. hartor455 says:

    even if he does beat it. it wont matter, Bolt will beat Powell’s new time cuz Bolt could have gotten like 9.52-9.55 if he actually tried his best in a 100m cuz he really slowed down in da last 10m for celebrating his win :-

  11. aLOTofGAYSEX says:

    now 9.72

  12. jfhghghgh75655 says:

    POWELL GOIN TO BEAT 9.69 HES ALREDY GOT 9.72 3 MIL SECS OFF BOLT PB bolt top time will be 9.65most but powell going to get 9.65 sub so it all gd

  13. jigglyfidda125 says:

    no white man has EVER broken/ran under 10 seconds before at 100m. craig pickering will do it soon hopefully

  14. mussyson says:

    asafa powell beat usain bolt in stockholm

  15. RBGdUP says:

    lol, your so stupid. he’s Jamaican. Jamaicans are naturally allergic to steroids. like seriously, I’m half Jamaican, and i walked beside one of those GMC supplement stores and I started sneezing, lol

  16. Nelssoni1234 says:

    He’s natural!? comon man you just can’t be naive there is no more such thing as natural top athletics…

  17. njporter24 says:

    He could’ve pay attention to the race… He SLOWED DOWN a few feet before the finish… THAT’S CRAZY!!!

  18. Pompi1Stas says:

    I didn’t realize until now that Asafa Powell got the World Record down to 9.74. He’s the fastest man in the world and he deserves it. He’s the Alex Rodriguez of Track and Field, the best in the game and natural. There’s merit to both of their records. Besides the Americans in the Olympic Men’s 100m final, I’ll be rooting for Asafa. He’s a fellow West Indian. Here’s a little sports knowledge for my fellow sports fans. My fellow country man Hasley Crawford of Trinidad won the Olympic Gold in 1976.

  19. robdorg says:

    yeah that why i said it. whats your point?

  20. magik110 says:

    he was not tired. he had the win and he slowed for that reason…his start to full speed was phenomenal. and he probably didnt even think he had the record. because he would have kept going and leaned if he were aware.

  21. Mrgyn says:

    If you think he is similiar to the cheater that is Ben Johnson, that’s your opinion.

  22. dogcatdotty says:

    what did he slow up those last 10 meters for? i know he’s tired but it looked like he thought the race already finished.

  23. footballfullback says:

    i know, he always does taht, its the mentality of every runner almost lol

  24. footballfullback says:

    imagine playing touch football with him in like middle school…… lmfao

  25. AFrOmANv5 says:

    i agree, ive been following this guy since the last olympics where he got third to gatlin and shawn crawford. its a shame gatlin cheated though, i thought for sure it would be gatlin and powell battling it out for world record times but it’s definitely powell now and i think he can surely break into the .60’s