Usain Bolt – 9.77s – Asafa Powell 9.83 Van Damme Brussels 2008 – English Subtitles

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  1. blessedbranch says:

    If you watch from 6:05 to the end of the race on the replay; You will see that Powell had some technical problems. He was running along the line on the left and then he suddenly started to move to his right, thus slowing him down. They are both sick frast though.

  2. 944usainbolt says:

    dang that girl at 5:13 is pretty tall she’s almost asafa’s height

  3. neddomac says:

    @McBeatboxStatik He gets good starts… Asafa just gets the best starts.

  4. TheNxtgenpro says:

    @buffblaze, I would agree cause Ato Boldon is not American.

  5. shurikenmasta says:

    Usain in the MEMBRAIN!……Usain in the BRAIN!

  6. sami2503 says:

    We always have brilliant commentators in every sport… for some reason

  7. gosabres15 says:

    its because british people train commentators and americans train athletes

  8. speedyslime93 says:

    @justlovesong2u Sorry to break it to you mate, but british commentators are definately better than the americans at track and field. – between 2 commentators, neither manages to mention ANY other sprinters in the race – Bailey & Blake set PR’s. Blake was 20 and ran 9.93! But no, they said the same thing about Bolt’s top speed in 3 different ways to try and highlight its significance. British commentators deliver facts through knowledge

  9. justlovesong2u says:

    @buffblaze every commentator has their own style. Sounds like you are not an American because our commentators brings the excitement!!!!!

  10. gtbadboy007 says:

    asafa wanted some fame so he kept proping usain lol

  11. McBeatboxStatik says:

    if usain bolt gets good starts i wonder what time he would get

  12. Mandinko23 says:

    me too i prefer british commentators as opposed to american.

  13. exitzone says:

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  14. renomarcomaduro says:

    @topdogcoolcat its 9.69

  15. topdogcoolcat says:

    Now 9.71 Tyson Gay

  16. torrepr says:

    so it was, until Tyson Gay achieved his spectacular 9.71 seconds in Berlin.

  17. NOPN says:

    I still don’t understand how slow 03 was….kim collins was the world champ!!

  18. TYPHOONATHLETE96 says:

    im a big fan of asafa powell, i think he should watch these vids and see how he used to be when he actually dived to try to win races

  19. journalistgirl07 says:

    I love ur track and field announcers- who are they ? lol anyways, greetings from overseas- the Czech Republic Bolt fan 😛

  20. krazeditz says:

    Lols the first to fourth placing. The entire Jamaican 4x100m Olympic team.

  21. krazeditz says:

    Lol i laughed at that remark. “Nervous look on that face.” HAHA

  22. Truth666 says:

    Bolt is the best athlete ever. He does not use drugs. He will be falsely accused 2 weeks after he breaks the 100 m record for ever and ever at Berlin, by the same illuminati that will shortly after vassassinate the swine.

    In a collapsing economy in overtime, the BIG PHARMA industry, despite being NO MORE able to escape declining revenues, accounted for more than 60 pct of total illuminati profits.

    Ben Johnson 1988 was the first victim of …

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  23. Mandinko23 says:

    the reporters are sooooooo cruel in a funny way, he was like look at his nervous face lmao

  24. liltk1 says:

    did anyone see powell start that shit was crazy

  25. gregsk2012 says:

    asafa powell’s 9.83, the fastest 2nd place of all time